Friday, December 17, 2010

Venus and Mars on Housework

 When The Hubs loads the dishwasher:

And when I load the same dishes:

  Notice all the extra room?

I appreciate that he uses his very limited time to do chores around the house. I really, really do. But I have noticed some major differences in how men clean (or at least my man) and how women clean (the right way.) I'm not necessarily complaining about him; it's more a commentary. 

Here are some other examples: We've lived in this house over two years and though we've never rearranged the kitchen, he has an amazing ability to find new places for things to go each time he unloads the dishwasher. By new I mean wrong. Also, he does more laundry than me (well, washes more, not puts more away) but never seperates the loads by color. His argument? He doesn't believe in segregation of colors.

We've been together 15 years and he's done more than his fair share of housework so I know this isn't one of those 'act like you can't do it right and eventually she won't let you do it' things. But I don't get it. Is it really a gender thing? Do any of you face these, shall we say, differences in technique, when it comes to your chores?


  1. Loads as in more than one? Eric does them all in one load therefore he does none of mine. He also is the messiest cook EVER! According to him "Genius is messy" it's hard to complain on this one though since I don't have to cook.

  2. I recently fired my husband from doing dishes. Unlike your husband with all the extra room, my husband would shove as many dishes as he could into the dishwasher -- including some that weren't dishwasher safe -- so that he had as few to handwash as possible. In the process, half weren't getting clean because they weren't being exposed to the water and soap. And those that were exposed weren't getting clean because they hadn't been rinsed at all. And for some reason, my husband will sort the laundry, but then proceeds to wash them all in one load anyway, thus having made the sorting process a waste of time. I dunno... I've asked him if it's the "act like you can't do it right" thing, and he swears that he really just wanted to help! Yeah... no... fired.