Friday, January 28, 2011

I eat therefore I am

Well, we've survived week number two of preschool. Monkey's doing better. Getting use to the class schedule and having less time outs. Only one yesterday! Yep, celebrating the baby steps. Apparently he's finding coming back to the classroom from recess particularly challenging. There are 11 kids in the class for the three adults to wrangle and Monkey is not the only new one so corralling them is particularly challenging on the playground. The first couple days Teach ended up picking up a fighting Monkey and carrying him back to class. Since then, she's come up with a new, more effective method. Now when Monkey rears back his fists and runs toward her to punch out his anger, she simply speeds up her pace and leads the chase toward Room 16. Like I said, baby steps.

I have continued to enjoy my 'me time' while he's in school. I got a pedicure on Monday since finding soft skin on my heels was nearing the archeological dig phase. Tuesday, I went grocery shopping and yesterday and today I went to the gym. It's been a while since I've worked out since the last two times I went before the holidays Monkey got 86'd from the kids club for being too aggressive with the other kids. (I am taking him back tomorrow morning so cross your fingers for us.)

I had planned to clean the garage this weekend but my dad called and said he's coming for a visit so I'm putting it off again. Next weekend Britums and I are taking our mom on a  girls' get away weekend. It was her Christmas present and she doesn't know where we're going yet so I won't say anything until we're back. Except that I'm super excited. So, here I am again saying that ONE DAY SOON I'm going to gut the garage and get this creation ball rolling. In the mean time, I have been sticking to my other resolution and making one new recipe a week. In fact, I've even exceeded my goal. More than one a week! I've also made a couple repeats, but I'm counting them because it's still cooking. Like, real cooking. Go me.

So far this month I've made:

~The Red Spoon's potato hash with goat cheese which I mentioned in an earlier post,

~Mrs. Bettie Rocker's orange balsamic chicken,

~Smitten Kitchen's sweet potatoes with a fall salad, (I made this at Thanksgiving and it was even better this time because I cooked the potatoes more to her direction. She's smart.)

~Real Mom Kitchen's Slow Cooker Beef Dip Sandwich, (the hubs favorite so far)

~nachos (they deserve a shout out because, simple or not, they're yummy)

~ chocolate and vanilla pudding in a pre-made pie crust (It counts as a pie right? I made it for book club.)

~ My friend Erinne's recipe of toasted baguettes with goat cheese, fig jelly, and prosciutto. (So addictive!)

 And from Martha Stewart's Living, February 2011 edition:

~Pita with Ricotta, almonds, dried apricots and honey (a really nice 'snack' I've been having for breakfast)

~Sliced Mushrooms with Melted Fontina

~Crab Ravioli with Lemon Butter (Britums came over and made this with me and it was fun to cook with her even though it was kinda more work than it was worth.)

Not too bad right? Go me!!

This weekend I'm gonna make a wreath. For Christmas I gave The Hubs grandma ("GGma") a certificate for a wreath a month to hang on the door of her room at the retirement village. So I'm going to make a Valentine's Day one for her. As soon as I can figure out how to make tabs at the top of my blog I'll start a craft section and post a picture of each wreath. My friend and fellow blogger Kristel is going to help me with some of the layout stuff she's figured out so maybe that'll be sooner rather than later.  If you get a chance, you should follow the link to the blog. She's crafty. And funny.

Despite the fact that the garage is being put off, I plan to keep myself busy for the next couple weeks. More crafting. Less pampering. Back to reality. First, I have the wreath, then a little project for our girls' trip, then valentines for Monkey's class, then The Olympic Gamers are having a 1920's murder mystery party which will require costumes and decorations (I'm stoked!), and I'm starting to plan a bridal shower I'll be hosting in May (never too soon right?). Plus, of course, more food!  I've decided that this goal of mine to make and eat more food is completely brilliant!!!!  The point is there will be more to post about.

If nothing else, I'm sure Monkey will give me a good reason to tell a story.


  1. hi! ni just had to come by and say hello after reading that little line in your pinterest profile - lol

    I'm the one following your egg board - i love eggs!!

    take care, all the best

  2. I am always impressed by the way moms are able to do everything they do from work to household to family, and find time for themselves. I applaud you! I feel like I have half the load of you and still struggle, -_- lol

    xoxo Maria

  3. Hello again... its been a while. Have you seen the Vegas bloggers new website and their FB page? You should join us if you haven't already!