Monday, January 24, 2011

Too Cool for Preschool

Well, it's happened. My itty bitty baby boy has started going to school! It's crazy to drop him off with fifth graders running around and think that he actually belongs there! At a real school! HE'S ONLY THREE!! It's just so ahead of schedule that I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around it. It's like he's super advanced. Actually it's because he's super delayed, but somehow that evens out, right? Anyway, I made a lot of jokes about how I'd be uber-sensitive about leaving him the first day but I didn't really believe I would. And? I totally teared up while walking away from his classroom. I just wanted to go back, sit in the corner and play fly on the wall.

His first day was Tuesday so he was there three days last week (they have Friday's off.) I like his teacher so far. Though really it's too soon to say. My like of her comes from two sources. First, a co-worker of The Hubs' served a student that had her as a teacher and she gave her a really good review. Second, when the rest of the kids came into class on Monkey's first day she told one of the kids he was "the bomb" for bringing everyone a snack and followed it with a fist bump. I found this to be in the same vein of kid speak as mine so that worked for me. We'll see how it goes once the transition phase is over.  Hopefully Monkey will come around too. He willingly goes to the teacher each time I drop him off and it doesn't seem like he's upset to be there, but he's already been in trouble several times. I did mention it's only been three days right?

The first day he got time out for throwing something at a kid's head. The second day he was pulled out several times for hitting other kids. When he was taken back to the group he immediately did it again. And again. Ugh. Then the third day, there was a sub (did we already wear the teach out?) and she said that the TA had given Monkey time out for fighting to play at the sand table when he was suppose to be doing something else. When I picked him up one of the days he had dried snot on his face.  I asked if he'd seemed sick and was told it was from crying. Oh the heart strings. Ouch. I know this is part of the process, it is certainly par for the course at home, but it's hard to not be there giving him a hug when its over. I mean just look at him! He's so little and cute. Even when he is being a punk.

First Day of School
So what have I been doing to avoid running into the classroom and insisting completely untruthfully that I can remain a quiet observer? Well, Monday I went shopping. Like, for real. Clothing shopping where I didn't have to stand in front of the dressing room door with my legs together so Monkey couldn't climb out under it while repeatedly saying, "look, look... who's that in the mirror.... Just wait one minute, baby....Just sit down... Momma's almost done... Please don't cry....Please sit down... Here's a lollipop. No? Um, how about a juicebox?.... Please don't scream.... Look, who is that in the mirror? ..... Shhhh..... Look, I just wanna buy a bra that's underwire is still attached and then we can go.... No baby..... Sit..... SIT!....Etc."  Tuesday I came home and took a nap- alone! I know I'm lucky to nap more than the average person because Monkey still does every couple days, but doing it without having to corral him, or be kicked, or peed on by him was a thing of splendor. Then Thursday I got my hair done. On a weekday! What is this amazing world of stress free adult activities? It all seems vaguely familiar. And wonderful. Maybe preschool's not so tough on Momma after all.

As I mentioned before, I do plan to gut the garage and start my creating soon. Upon further examination however, I've determined that this is not do-able in the two and half hour Monkey-free time frame I have each day. Less when you count travel time since I can't bring myself to put him on a bus! So, stretching it out over the week would mean moving things out and then back in each day and taking twice as long to do it all. Therefore, I have decided to make it a weekend project. Just not this weekend. Maybe next?

And until then? Shopping and naps!


That was the sound of angel voices hitting a holy chord.

Like you couldn't tell.

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  1. Yeah! I've been dying to find out how the first week went. I'm so proud of you for hanging in there! You know Monkey will figure out the school thing eventually and I'm sure you'll having a glowing report about his behavior soon. He's too sweet to keep up with the first week!